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SPECULA is a one-stop destination for your EXTERIOR and INTERIOR expectations.


Specula was established in purpose of delivering high quality material and service to the customers in Architectural Aluminium, UPVC, Glass Works and Customized Modular Interiors in an eco-friendly and sustainable way with innovative designs and concepts. Specula have vast amount of experience in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, skilled workforce and high-end technologies adding beauty to the company. Over the course of its journey, SPECULA recognized that customer satisfaction is as important as its products & services and these satisfied customers is the back bone of our growth.


Specula have a premium range of products that can fit into your residential and commercial spaces. We always use high quality materials and accessories and offer much varieties in products and services with a focus on strength, durability, aesthetics, functionality, eco-friendly and lasting values.


Specula is one of the most competent and qualified specialists in Architectural Aluminium, UPVC, Glass Works and Customized Modular Interiors.

Our diverse team is capable of providing consultation, designing, engineering, fabrication, installation and performance testing of all kinds of Architectural Aluminium, Glass Facades, ACP Cladding, Modular Kitchen, Wardrobe, Bedroom Settings etc. according to the customers’ imaginations. To fulfil customer’s these imaginations, SPECULA utilize all the modern technologies in areas of production and execution.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred and trusted exterior and interior partner; giving all customers what they dreamed about their exteriors and interiors with more care to the environment.

Our Mission

We SPECULA, We SPECULA, to build a company where the customer’s dream in the exteriors and interiors are met with the best quality products and services with an integrated support from our crafted team and with utmost integrity and timebound; in which

  • Customers: : Love the way we design and work thus they recommend us for friends and family.
  • Employees: Get a great home to work with inspiration and passion.
  • Environment: Consider in a best way to cause no harm to our mother land.



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About Us


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