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Even though it is fragile, glass could be the greatest structural material known to man. Architects love glass because it does not obstruct a view or visually interrupt a room. It is one of the most versatile and oldest materials in the building industry. Transparency, Strength, Heat Resistivity, Workability, Recyclability, and Energy Efficiency etc. are the main properties of the glass, which in fact makes it as one of the suitable materials for façade and partition works. The glass has many applicability in the buildings and homes. In modern architectural concept, the usage of the glass is increasing as it can provide a elegance tot the spaces without interrupting the views. Many of them are using the glass for structuring because it is cost effective and adding beauty to any buildings.

Mainly the glass works by the Specula can be divide into the Structural and Glass Works. We are highly skilled professionals who have done works in any level of façade building. We are also having an immense experience on the field of architectural glass works in many developed countries like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. We always focus on the quality other than the cost because it can only last longer. Also, we always rely on the safety of the customers and employees as the glass is very fragile and cause problems to both customers and employees.


The facade construction of buildings is as important as its structure. While constructing the facade, the geographical and climatic conditions of the area where the building is located, purpose of the building, design of nearby buildings etc. should be taken into account. Different methods like Structural Glazing, Curtain Walling, Spider Glazing etc. are available to wrap a building with glass. In Specula, we are mainly undertaking the structural glass works like Structural Glazing, Curtain Wall, Spider Glazing and Shop Facades.


Partition Works are mainly conducted inside the buildings and home spaces. It is mainly focusing on the dividing spaces to functional areas. Office and Home Interior Glass Partitions, Shower Enclosures and Glass Handrails are the major partition works undertake by Specula. Other than structural works, the partition works have the scope in both residential and commercial areas. Also, the partition glass works also have many applications in many areas in our residential and commercial spaces.